The Marine Plant Experts
in Ireland & the UK

Welcome to O'Malley Marine Plant

O’Malley Marine Plant LTD is a dynamic, forward thinking company based in Mayo which is home to the longest coastline in Ireland, covering about 21% of the country’s total. Given our high level of experience, our wide range of expertise and our unique skill set, O’Malley Marine Plant LTD is well positioned to handle the most complex challenges that occur while working in the marine environment. 

Our highly skilled and experienced workforce have extensive training in a number of key industries which combined with our specialised vessels and equipment have given rise to the company’s successes to date. Our adaptable and innovative approach to underwater and surface operations allow us to stand out in our field.

We are well aware of the complex nature of projects in the marine environment and therefore, we are prepared to assist our clients in any way possible to ensure that projects can be completed in an efficient and successful manner. 

O’Malley Marine Plant owns and operates specialist workboats varying in size from 6 metres to 26 metres to provide support to the following industries: Aquaculture, Marine Civil Engineering, Windfarm, Dredging. O’Malley Marine Plant Ltd are available for work throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom.



Our Vessels


MV James

MV James is a versatile workboat that has proven to be a reliable and efficient vessel for aquaculture assistance.

MV Misneach

MV Misneach is a landing craft type of vessel built in Ireland in 1978

MV Three Fevers

The MV Three Fevers is a versatile workboat with a range of functions suitable for the aquaculture industry  


Introducing the Taktow, a versatile vessel designed for various maritime operations